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Our Features

  • Highly competitive interest rates

    We pioneer the market of web-investments by combining ease of use, elevated margin yield and swift payouts.

  • Multilingual support

    BitWorldCoin speaks your language – English, French, Italian, Spanish, Filipino. Over 1,1 billion people can start using BWC right on the spot.

  • Affiliate program

    BWC customers are entitled to affiliate rewards. 7% of affiliate investment amount are paid out in rewards.

  • Committed to your satisfaction

    We want you to be nothing short of complete satisfaction with our market-leading advisory, consulting and investment services.

  • Security is priority

    Information transmitted in both directions (site-customer and customer-site) is protected with industry-grade encryption.

  • Website and Private Area usability

    User-friendly, intuitive navigation, quick access to term deposits, affiliate rewards and overview with a couple mouse clicks.

  • Lightning fast transactions

    Electronic currency permitting, we process both incoming and outgoing transactions in the blink of an eye. When not, we desperately seek to advance the process as much as we can